And now

Trying to decide what is worth blogging is much harder than I thought.

My main computer is giving up the ghost, so now I am forced to use a laptop, with all the associated keyboard differences. Damn, thought computers were supposed to make life simple, but all that happens is that everything takes longer and gets more complicated.

Backups on the desktop computer were not up to date ( I should know better ) so am faced with the decision of replacing the desktop and trying to recover the missing data, or just start again. Luckily all my contacts are mirrored on my phone, so wont loose anyone important.

Will spend the next couple of weeks looking at specifications for a new desktop and possible separate network storage, probably a complete wireless system but being ignorant of the possibilities, great fun.!

Also discovering that Shockwave and Google Chrome do not seem to want to co-exist on a windows 7 laptop. Pity, so now have Firefox as well.

Seems odd that banking seems to favour Internet explorer, but Chrome and Firefox are much faster browsers, in fact when running speed test Chrome gives me the best results. But at least both support Adblock which is one of my must have soware add-ins.


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